Kamis, 15 Desember 2011

Nekomura Iroha・Christmas cat illustration contest

『Nekomura Iroha・Christmas cat illustration contest』 is、Nekomura Iroha Christmas Cat『yanguruberu』 themeis competition to recruit the original illustrationsPlease everyone join us



How to apply

 1. Please prepare an illustration application
Upload illustration and sharing sites such as pixiv and then complete form Nekomura Iroha・Christmas cat illustration contestThank you for uploading a personal home page such as illustrationsForm registration please enter URL

2.Within application periodfill from the site on this application、please your application

Application Period

December 12, 2011January 10, 2012 (Until 6pm)


 ・Nekomura Iroha which works on subject of catsRepertoire 『yanguruberu』 wasas long as the original illustrations drawn by participants themselves
Always give the title pleaseYou can have other characters of the AHS also listed

Winners announced

 All Web pages will be announcedIn additionthe winners and we will contact you by email

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