Jumat, 20 Januari 2012

★Determined for each night with live performances in movie theaters nationwide!

March 8,9、2012 TOKYO DOME CITY HALL to be held at Hatsune Miku Nihon University Thanksgivingwas determined to be screened live in cinemas nationwide

March 08, 2012(Thu)19:00~ 
Hatsune Miku Live Party 2012 According(Mikupa♪)」
March 09, 2012(Fri)19:00~
Hatsune Miku concert Hatsune Miku last Thanksgiving Day

Theaters nationwide screening 
Hokkaido ユナイテッド・シネマ札幌 Miyagi ワーナー・マイカル・シネマズ名取エアリ
Tokyo シネマート新宿
Kanagawa Prefecture TOHOシネマズららぽーと横浜
Chiba シネプレックス幕張 Saitama シネプレックスわかば
Ibaraki シネプレックス水戸 Aichi TOHOシネマズ名古屋ベイシティ
Niigata ワーナー・マイカル・シネマズ新潟 Ishikawa ワーナー・マイカル・シネマズ御経塚
Osaka TOHOシネマズ梅田
Hyogo TOHOシネマズ西宮OS
Hiroshima Prefecture ワーナー・マイカル・シネマズ広島 Fukuoka TOHOシネマズ天神(旧天神東宝 1/21よりリニューアル)
Kumamoto シネプレックス熊本

Ticket ※All seats reserved
Each performance
General 3,000 yen (tax included
Student discount child ticket2,700 yen(tax included
Attendance PresentPsyllium book
Tickets pair 5,400 yen (tax included
Through two days ticket 5,400 yen (tax included
Attendance PresentPsyllium book badges can 1 of results of 2 sets
The gifts will be given admission day of the performance in the theaterCustomers through 2 day ticket will be given on March 8

Ticket Sales  
Tickets sold at Lawson
Leading lottery accepted Entry Period January 28 [Sat] 12:00 ~ 2 May 12 [Sun] 23:59
2 day ticket will be sold through accepted leading lottery only
General Release Date February 25 [Sat]10:00 ~
The ticket purchase details please check the following HP
Inquiries about ticket sales
Lawson Ticket Information (10:00~20:00) 0570-000-777
Organized by:SEGA/MAGES.
Special assistanceCryptonFutureMedia
Distribution cooperationKadokawa Films Inc.

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