Jumat, 20 Januari 2012

☆ 『Hatsune Miku Nihon University Thanksgiving』 wrote an article in the freezing cold hands I received the latest information ☆

March 8・9, 2012 TOKYO DOME CITY HALL to be held at Hatsune Miku Nihon University Thanksgiving』!
Ni okimashite this eventNiko Niko liveover we decided to do and live in movie theaters national


And will explain once again
Hatsune Miku Nihon University Thanksgivingis on March 08Hatsune Miku Live Party 2012(Mikupa♪)」 and、
Then on March 09 Hatsune Miku concert Hatsune Miku last Thanksgiving Dayit heldthe two-day concert event in a dream

Chinamini kore、Topic in the freshly finished poster

In this livewill be screeningperformance night for each day servednd ordered everyone to enjoy what you do the fans come to the venue
Comeand try and be appreciated…!

Since the information stated on another page I try to please check it in your spare time

Furthermorethis Concert Tickets with Special Planswe have also available
Tokyo Dome Hotel, where accommodation is a 2-minute walk from the venue
Andin this special dinner plans It is said that even with limited goods

Who also are interested inI think if you look at a dedicated page

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