Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

■Information on air

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Information on air

Fuji TV : February 02(Thu)24:45~broadcasting
Kansai TV(KTV) : February 07(Tue)25:58~broadcasting
Tokai TV(THK) : February 09(Thu)26:05~broadcasting
Akita TV(AKT) : February 11(Sat)25:35~broadcasting
Iwatemenkoi TV(MIT) : February 15(Wed)25:50~broadcasting
Sendai TV(OX) : February 14(Tue)25:45~broadcasting
Sakuranboterebijon(SAY) : February 11(Sat)25:05~broadcasting
Fukushima TV(FTV) : February 08(Wed)25:05~broadcasting
Nigatasogo TV(NST) : February 08(Wed)25:30~broadcasting
TV shizuoka(SUT) : February 16(Thu)25:10~broadcasting
TV shinhiroshima(TSS) : February 13(Mon)25:50~broadcasting
TV ehime(EBC) : February 08(Wed)24:35~broadcasting
Saga TV(STS) : February 10(Fri)25:05~broadcasting
TV kumamoto(TKU) : February 11(Sat)26:05~broadcasting
Kagoshima TV(KTS) : February 11(Sat)25:35~broadcasting
BS Fuji : February 18(Sat)25:30~broadcasting

For details, please check the website of each station

The broadcast time to change without notice

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