Jumat, 18 Mei 2012

Black★Rock Shooter - Storyboards


Release DateScheduled in late May
Selling price:3000yen(including tax:3150yen)
B☆RS 1 story・2 story acquisition of containment
Number of pages:300pages(planned
Guided Conte
Product handling destination:TSUTAYA online(http://tsutaya.jp/brs/)

Product Description
Fuji TV late at night frame animation Noitamina」 is broadcastTV Anime 「Black★Rock Shooter」of storyboards。 1Story・2 story in addition to the minutesIncluded a detailed description and directed by Hiroyuki feat CG stone and now director Shinobu Yoshioka。  This is seen in the production of a new era that combines 3D animation and 2D!(all 300page-planSpecial Edition is a limited edition of TSUTAYA drawn cover

TSUTAYA online-only page  http://tsutaya.jp/brs/

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