Welcome to join us or returned to the sixth edition of Otaku Festival

For those new Otaku Festival is a cultural festival, and proposes that promotion and development of otaku culture in Romania, and for those who are already the second time or more, we trust that we've shown so far that is Otaku Festival.

The 2012 edition is dedicated VOCALOIZILOR in partnership with MIKUBOOK.

And who does not know yet, Vocaloizii are those "virtual artist" that you can play music through a software developed by Yamaha Corporation that enables you to create songs.

This year we come to two major updates. First, we changed location! I spent three years at the Palace of Students in Bucharest, from the third edition in 2009, up to the fifth anniversary edition last year and this year we move to Universitatea Romano-Americana in Bucharest, where we will enjoy a spacious and airy space that will allow a program of activities more complex and diverse as you can see in the coming weeks and on our website.


Second, since it, as in Nijikon, in the Otaku Festival will take place preselection for  EuroCosplay 2012, one of the largest European cosplay competitions, the winner will win a preselection free travel London MCM Expo in October 2012 the final EuroCosplay. in October 2012 the final EuroCosplay. For more details please check the info page cosplay contest, rules updated the competition and do not hesitate to contact us by email for any questions you have.

We pray that in the next period to keep an eye on the site, and on our Facebook page, caci vor urma for more news to come regarding the scale of activities!