Selasa, 26 Februari 2013

MANGA FESTIVAL in Singapore with Miku

Miku on her way from freezing Sapporo to warm Singapore! 7 hours flight, but she seems to be looking forward to some sunshine!

The event space of "MANGA FESTIVAL in Singapore" in KINOKUNIYA Book Store. Miku met a lot of other characters, too!

Special Signing Events with many famous Manga Artists and Crypton's Boss
There were lots of visitors!!

Talk Session with moderator Danny Choo

Miku Books were set up very nicely in the shop~ Thanks to KINOKUNIYA!!

Not only books but also goods were available: Miku folders, the special SNOW MIKU CD from Label KARENT, Animate Goods...they all received good attention!

These are the shop's shelves: the Japanese original is entitled "Comics" and......

...the English translated ones "Manga". In Japan it's just the other way around

Art House! This is said to be one of the oldest public buildings in Singapore. Here was also one part of the "MANGA FESTIVAL in Singapore" Event: one room of the art gallery was dedicated to Japanese manga artworks

This is inside the gallery! Thanks for coming!!

This is the Miku Exhibition Space, Nice artwork!

Here are Kei's and Chiho's illustrations♪Chiho's illustration is of Rin and Ren

More great artwork...

...and more....

...and more

Thank to all who could come!

Here are some extra pictures of Miku enjoying a little the touristic attractions of Singapore. Miku Water Catching

And of course Miku wanted to be on the other side, too

The last spot we were visiting was "Marina Bay Sands": Photo Shooting with Miku ☆
This is a great spot!
Thanks to all for your support, to all who could come visit, and hope to see you soon again♪

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