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VOCALOID™3 Megpoid English

GUMI from Megpoid Facebook page revealed another demo music video featuring GUMI’s new illustration for her English version.

Check this : Facebook
February 28th marks the initial release date of the software.

*Megpoid English Introduction

*Demo Song:
Miraculous Encounter


< Megumi Nakajima >
Megumi Nakajima (was born on March 5, 1989) is a Japanese singer and voice actress. In 2007, she auditioned to the Victor Entertainment sanctioned "Victor Vocal & Voice Audition" and was chosen to voice Ranka Lee in Macross Frontier. After releasing "Seikanhikou" as Ranka Lee's character, she released her songs as Megumi Nakajima. Since her fi rst album "I love you" attracted many people, her fan club was established on June 2011. She won the award for Best Musical Performance in the third Seiyu Awards.

Official Website :

< About Megpoid English>

The software contains the vocal library which can be used on VOCALOIDTM3. The attached for the purpose of the test operation. However we strongly recommend full-fl edged songs.

Tiny VOCALOIDTM3 Editor system requirements
• OS : Windows 8 (32/64bit) / 7 (32/64bit) /Vista (32bit) / XP (32bit) * Works
• CPU : Celeron Dual Core over 2.1GH
• RAM : 1GB or lager
• Disk Space : 3GB + 200MB for installation
• Other : DVD-ROM drive, sound device, and the ability to connect your computer are also required. Please refer to the confirmed operating environment

* Recommended Tempo : 60BPM - 175BPM
* Recommended Range : F2 - A4

Includes the additional original user's dictionary for getting more real pronunciation
Includes VST EFFECT Plugin "FormantShift VST"
FormantShift VST is designed for changing sound characters of vocals or instruments by shifting formant in realtime. This plugin is available on VST capable host software (except VOCALOIDTM3 Editor).

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